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Granite is a very beautiful natural stone that comes in endless shades and colors, and can easily take your kitchen to the next level visually and become the centerpiece to any room!


Granite is formed inside the earth's crust with the combination of heat and pressure. It is mined from the earth in huge boulders that are then cut into slabs, polished and delivered to distributors who then sell to fabricators.


Granite is heat resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant, which in turn is an excellent choice for countertop material.


Granite is sealed by the installers and then needs to be resealed once a year by the homeowner. This is a very simple thing to do, and should not dissuade you from purchasing granite for your home. Granite is also great for outdoor use.


View our in stock granite at www.slabnation.com


We have granite distributors in several areas of Texas. Here is a list of some of the companies that we work with. You are more than welcome to visit their granite warehouses and select the granite for us to fabricate.


Verona Marble Company


Pacific Shore Stones


Fabricators Stone Group


Triton Stone

Quartz is an engineered product that combines quartz crystals and resins that are then formed into slabs for fabrication. It has a very uniform pattern but is available in many different colors and finishes.


Quartz countertops are becoming very trendy for the customer who wants a sleek, modern appeal, but tends to cost more than granite. Quartz requires no maintenance, and is heat/stain/scratch resistant. This is not a product for outdoor use.


View our Santamargherita quartz colors at www.vmcstone.com


View our Silestone quartz colors at www.silestoneusa.com

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Granite and Quartz Countertops

At Killeen Marble of Killeen, TX, we specialize in the fabrication and installation of natural granite and quartz countertops. We try to keep a wide variety of colors for you in stock at our location so that you can see and feel the slabs that we use for your job.


We make template for your cabinets and fabricate at our shop. We have a very experienced installation crew who continues to make our company proud.

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These are the available edge selections for either granite or quartz.

All edges are included in the price per square foot.

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